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Memory Game in PowerPoint With Your Photos – FREE DOWNLOAD – Automated Matching Game Generator

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Matching Game from Your Photos

This PowerPoint game generator lets you create memory game (AKA matching game) using your own photos.

Simply add the photos of your own choice and enjoy the game with your loved ones!

Game Features

System Requirements

Microsoft Office 365/2013/2016/2019 for Windows

Caution: This does NOT work Microsoft Office on MacOS

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User Guides

  1. Close other PowerPoint files (to avoid conflicts)
  2. Open the Memory Game PowerPoint file, and enable the macro for the file. (See this link for more information about Office macros).
  3. Select slide #2, and click at the photo placeholder to browse for photos to be added – ensure that each image is added only once as the book will generate a duplicate of each image automatically when preparing the game board.
    – You may delete the photo from the placeholder by selecting it and hit the delete key once. If you accidentally delete the placeholder, then do a right click at the slide thumbnail in the left panel, and choose Reset Slide to reset your placeholders to default.
    – In the Insert Picture dialogue, you can hold shift key and select multiple photos to be added in one go, but when doing so please make sure that the number of photos to be added does not exceed the number of remaining photos slots. Otherwise those photos will be put outside the placeholders.
  4. Once you’ve prepared the photos, go to Slide #1 and press F5 to start slideshow.
  5. Click at the Start New Game button.
  6. Choose the desired Game Size and Challenges options, and click OK.
  7. Enjoy the game!

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